Windows By Toll door installerA poorly installed door is not going to seal well. It will creak, squeak, and drive you crazy. But you already know that, which is why you’re looking for a quality door installer. Door scrapes due to warping or sagging, drafts, cracks on the surface, and insect infestations are telltale signs of a door that needs immediate replacement. Aside from making the home safer, installing a new door properly reduces energy loss and  saves money.

As with any industry, not all door installers are created equal. Some offer top-of-the-line services while others are out to fleece unsuspecting homeowners. Making the distinction between legit and sub-par door contractors is crucial in how the project will go. Here’s a brief guideline to hiring a quality door installer.

Hiring a Door Installer

What are the Characteristics of a Reliable Door Installer?

The following qualities characterize a reliable door replacement expert:

Established and Well-Known: Does the contractor have an easily accessible email address and phone number? Is there an updated website or a physical business address? What about their online ratings and references?

Certified and Licensed: Always work with a door company that is licensed—meaning they meet all the regulatory requirements to operate the business, and they’re well-versed in the local building codes.

Insured: Construction and installation work always carries a risk—no matter how experienced or equipped a contractor. For this reason, it’s crucial to ensure a door installer is insured. Insurance protects the property and homeowner from damages or liabilities.

Extensive Experience in the Industry: How long has the contractor been in business? An installer with a long track record of successful installers is more reliable.

The Contractor Provides Estimate Beforehand: A quality door contractor typically provides clients with a written contract that details the project expectations—including who’ll perform the installation, scope of work, the estimated cost, and timeline.

Warning Signs of Scammers or Low-Quality Door Contractors

Not every home improvement contractor has a homeowner’s best interest at heart. Some cut corners and scam clients for monetary gain. Below are some red flags to avoid:

  • Does not present a written contract
  • Asks for a substantial deposit (more than 10-20%) upfront
  • The quote contains hidden costs that were not mentioned earlier
  • Refuses to provide references
  • There’s little-to-no information about the company online

Windows By Toll

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