Windows By Toll window replacement company Does your home overlook a beautiful vista that can’t be thoroughly enjoyed due to the size of the windows? Want to appreciate that view fully? A window replacement company can help you design and install the perfect windows to maximize your enjoyment. This article will review the options at your disposal.

Window Replacement Tips: New Large Windows

You will first have to decide the type of windows you want to be installed. Do you want the windows to open? Do you want an unbroken view? Do you want floor-to-ceiling windows? Some of these options are restricted by the construction of your home, but let’s look at what’s available:

Window Types

  • Grid Windows – If your view is limited, these windows add character to a home but will break up the view with the cross pieces.
  • Picture Windows – These windows are large expanses of glass for taking in a great view, but they cannot be opened.
  • Casement WindowsCasement windows swing open from the center or side to let in air but are limited on the sizes available.
  • Slider Windows – These windows can slide open for ventilation and come in various sizes.
  • Arched Windows – Large arched windows are definitely a strong architectural statement.

Of course, you can create combinations of window types—for example, a large center picture window with casement windows on each side for ventilation. A window replacement company can assist in designing the best options for your home.

Glass Types for Large Windows

The next decision is the type of glass to use with your new oversized windows. Again, your window replacement company can help with this choice. They know which glass types work with each window type. The glass types include:

  • Float Glass – This is the least expensive of the glass types. It isn’t as strong as the other options, but there are various quality levels.
  • Tempered Glass – Tempered glass is four times stronger than float glass. It is also known as safety glass – when broken, it crumbles into small pieces instead of sharp shards.
  • Laminated Glass – Homeowners install laminated glass for safety and security. It resists forced entry by keeping the layers in place when broken. Laminated glass is also resistant to glass cutters.
  • Insulated Glass – With large windows, this is a great energy-saving option. Insulated glass is made with 2 or 3 glass panels and is an excellent option for cold and hot climates.
  • Low-E Glass – This glass reflects thermal radiation, pushing warm air away in the summer and keeping warm air inside in winter. It can be expensive, but you will save on your energy bills in the long run.

Windows By Toll

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