Windows By Toll entry door Doors are an essential aspect of any home. While this may seem obvious, doors and entryways can be easily overlooked in the wake of more obvious concerns, such as paint, roofs, and siding. Still, choosing the right entry door is just as important as any other part of the home. The entry door can say a lot about a house, which is why it deserves proper consideration.

Choosing the right entry door style can be challenging. Do you want it to make a statement? Do you want it to blend with the other aesthetic features of the home? Is security a significant factor? All these things and more are considered when deciding on your entry door. Let’s now look at different entry door styles.

Entry Doors Styles


Traditional-style doors are a good option for older-style homes. However, they’re also used by those seeking a more classical look to their home architecture. These doors are usually made of wood, either stained or painted. In addition, they often have multiple glass inserts, so they may not be ideal in areas with harsh weather or high crime rates.


Modern-style doors are sleek looking without any paneling or molding and often incorporate 3-5 large glass panels. These doors are ideal for recent constructions that use natural light and minimalist styles. Bold colors go well with such doors. Besides wood, modern doors are often made from metal.


Craftsman-style doors are becoming popular again. This style incorporates leaded privacy glass on the upper quarter and has a somewhat traditional look. The doors often have unique intricate wood details. Craftsman doors give a trendy look that appeals to classic tastes. They also tend to be pretty sturdy. These doors are suitable for fans of wood tones rather than bolder options.


Colonial-style doors are more muted when compared to modern or craftsman-style ones. Colonial doors use simple square and rectangular wood inset patterns. In addition, they are often painted in earth-tone colors, i.e., ochre, reddish brown, dark brown, or muted green. For homeowners preferring limited glass but wanting a bit of light in their entryway, colonial style might be the answer.


This style is a true showstopper. Ornate doors are about 75% glass. These doors use decorative glass on the door frame itself. The glass patterns can be geometric, curved, and even flowery shapes. For safety, many ornate doors are constructed with a decorative piece of glass mounted between two pieces of safety glass. This type of front door goes well with colonial and farmhouse aesthetics.

Making the Choice

When picking an entry door, a homeowner should take some time to examine all the available options. The door should provide a complementary or contrasting style to the home’s exterior coloration and design. A modern home usually uses modern-style doors, while traditional homes can use a traditional, craftsman, or ornate style. Doors last a while, so make the decision carefully and with confidence.

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