Windows By Toll Patio DoorSliding patio doors are undoubtedly a wonderful aesthetic touch to any home. They provide lots of natural light in the house while providing a great view of the outdoors. But the aesthetic perks come with one major setback – home security. Sliding doors are a prime access point for burglars. Tossing a brick right through the glass, lifting the sliding door off its track, and bypassing the latch, most factory-installed patio doors are a break-in incident waiting to happen.

Securing a Patio Door

As a homeowner, it’s worth taking the necessary steps to secure sliding patio doors from intruders. Here are some expert tips on securing patio doors without sacrificing aesthetics.

Shatterproof Film

Smashing a glass door is as easy as hurling a brick at it. A shatterproof window film solves this weakness by preventing the patio door from completely falling apart. It may not wholly deter unwelcome visitors, but it slows them down. Window films have privacy properties (they’re only transparent one way) and UV ray protection.

Blocking Bars for Patio Doors

Factory-installed patio glass doors typically have a latch as the only form of security. While this works in keeping the door closed and in place, it does little to protect the home from invaders.

Instead, consider installing a bar as an extra layer of physical security. The blocking bar slides into the patio door’s bottom track. Some people may prefer a Charlie bar installed at waist level, which swings in and out of place as needed.

Deadbolt Lock

The latch on a sliding glass door is not very secure. To reinforce it, get a deadbolt lock that provides a higher level of security. There are tons of options in the market, so it’s best to hire a quality door contractor who can recommend the most secure option and ensure proper installation.

Install a Security System

It’s advisable to get a home security system installed and monitored by a qualified professional. This system may include glass break sensors (entry sensors), an alarm, and a security camera. The idea is to deter burglars (Intruders don’t want to be caught) and help homeowners respond swiftly by alerting the authorities.

Consider a Security Pin

A simple yet effective tip to bolster a sliding glass door’s security is installing a security pin. A hardened steel pin that holds the sliding and stationary doors together—preventing burglars from gaining easy access by removing the door off its track.

Windows By Toll

Home security is a top priority for most homeowners. Patio doors are a vulnerable access point that should be secured. For top-quality products and excellent  patio door installation services, contact Windows By Toll. Call 203-580-9945 to speak with one of our experts.