Windows By Toll patio doorsDo you feel it’s time to let go of the solid doors in exchange for doors that will provide more light in your house? Patio doors are a perfect way to allow natural light into your home, and they can also be installed in smaller homes to make them appear more spacious. Patio doors are a quick means of enjoying the vegetation in your garden and your backyard’s scenery without going outside.

You’re probably reading this because you’re considering having some patio doors installed in your home, but you are in doubt as to whether to opt for the French doors or a sliding glass door. This simple guide will help you to make the right choice.

Which Patio Door Style Is Right For Your Home?

French Patio Doors

Although sometimes referred to as a hinged patio door or swinging patio door, French doors have a wider frame and are the traditional choice for exterior doors. They are often used to provide luxurious ambiance to areas like balconies, gardens, and patios. Depending on your style and house needs, you can choose to have them swing in or swing out and customize it by adding window panels with heights and widths that suit the home’s style.

If you like the idea of a French patio door but don’t think you have enough space for it, you can consider installing the models that come in pair, with one of the doors fixed while the other swings effortlessly.

Sliding Glass Doors

Glass doors add a modern vibe to your home, and with the new glass technologies in place, you can be sure that your home is secure, as well. Sliding Glass doors are a unique design that slides open along a track. Because they require less square footage than swinging doors, they can easily fit in homes with small or narrow spaces. They allow plenty of natural light in and visually separate a room from the outdoors. You never have to worry about bugs creeping in if you wish to leave the door open, as they come with a sliding screen door option.

What’s The Best Option For You?

Patio doors are energy-efficient options because they provide a natural flow of light that helps you save on energy bills. If you ever feel like having some control over the amount of light you let in, then you can add internal blinds to your patio doors for more privacy. Either of these doors can fit into your preferences and home space perfectly.

Windows By Toll

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