Fiberglass is one of the most popular types of window. But unlike wood and vinyl, fiberglass windows are often misunderstood due to some common misconceptions about them. 3 Myths About Fiberglass Windows 1

In this article, Windows by Toll, one of the top window contractors in the area, disproves three myths about fiberglass windows.

Fiberglass Is Too Brittle

Fiberglass generally has better impact resistance than wood and vinyl. It can be up to eight times stronger than these two other window materials, so you can rest assured that fiberglass windows won’t crack or chip easily.

Moreover, seals in fiberglass windows seldom fail since they’re impervious to extreme weather conditions. Typically, the most common cause of fiberglass failure is poor window installation and not material quality.

Fiberglass Requires Paint and Peels Easily

Fiberglass windows come in a wider range of colors and finishes than vinyl, and they don’t normally require painting. Raw fiberglass already has natural UV resistance, but you can still opt for additional coating if you prefer. When you apply an extra layer of coating, though, make sure the finish is done with care so as to ensure the paint won’t peel easily. Oftentimes, repainting will only be needed if you want to switch to a different color.

Fiberglass Is Expensive With No Proven Track Record

Fiberglass products dates back to the 1940s, so this type of material has several decades proving its reliability. In fact, fiberglass is considered to have better thermal performance than wood and vinyl. This is due to the frames of fiberglass windows, which are often dimensionally stable and which feature air cavities that allow for insulation.

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3 Myths About Fiberglass Windows 2