If you’re in the market for new windows, vinyl windows could be a popular choice you’ve probably heard about, but don’t know much about them. It’s made from construction grade polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and has a plasticky feel to it. This window has slowly gained popularity since the 50’s and have stood up to the likes of wood and aluminum windows as they have developed. Despite their popularity, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding this window material. In today’s post, your experts on replacing windows and doors, Windows by Toll debunks three popular myths about vinyl windows.

Vinyl Windows Debunked

Blue Vinyl is Better

During the inception of vinyl windows, manufacturers added a chemical to the vinyl to increase its insulation properties, but it resulted in the frames having a small blue tint. Homeowners thought of this as a sign that a vinyl window is well-insulated, but manufacturers soon adjusted and instead of improving their windows’ quality, they simply added blue tints on their windows. While this prevents yellowing temporarily, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a better product.

Low Cost Means Poor Quality

While it isn’t wrong for homeowners to think that a pricier window entails higher quality or durability, this isn’t the case for vinyl replacement windows. Vinyl windows are inherently cheaper than other materials such as fiberglass or wood while offering numerous benefits and a great degree of customizability. You can’t go wrong with a window that’s offered at a great price along with great quality.

They’re Extremely Flammable

This isn’t entirely true. In fact, wood windows are more likely to catch on fire. Vinyl windows are rigid and thick which make them resistant to flames and do not burn easily. Other window materials continue to burn even when the source has been extinguished. However, this isn’t the case with vinyl windows since they’ll stop burning once the flame source has been put out.

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