Andersen® Windows received two of the biggest awards in the recent International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas. The windows and doors company was given the Best Window and Door Product Award and the most prestigious Best in Show Award for its new Easy Connect Joining System.

Andersen®, The Easy Connect Joining System and IBS 2019

What made the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) choose the Easy Connect Joining System over others? Simple: It’s “the best of the best in terms of innovation, design and functionality of the products going into today’s homes”, according to the NAHB chairman, Buddy Hughes.

Features of the Easy Connect Joining System 

Traditional window and door combinations are assembled at the factory, are painstakingly transported to the job site, and are installed into homes and buildings by a significant number of skilled workers. Andersen’s new Easy Connect Joining Systems does away with all of that with these features:

Easy Installation

The Easy Connect Joining System, launched in May 2018, allows Andersen to divide large window and door combinations into smaller and lighter pieces, making it easier to take them from the factory to the job site. This also makes window installation easier and safer for installers.

Less Labor

Andersen’s new system also reduces the need for skilled labor. A survey reveals that it allowed many builders to reduce the number of installers working at a job site by 50%.

This translates to contractors saving more on labor costs per job, as well as the ability to take more clients at one time. Also, because these windows are lighter, installers will be able to install them more effectively, providing customers with top-quality work results.

More Windows

The new Easy Connect Joining System uses a new clip-mull system that allows Andersen’s window contractors to attach as many windows as their clients want, giving customers the freedom to decide what they want with their windows.

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