Bay windows are a beautiful addition to any home. They are a great expanse of glass that increases a room’s natural light, plus they add a bit more floor space. Bay windows are an excellent addition to living rooms, breakfast nooks, great rooms, and master bedrooms. If you are doing a window replacement and are considering a bay window, here are a few things to consider.

Window Replacement: Bay Windows

The Pros of Bay Windows

There are so many positive things bay windows offer.

  • More Room. Adds additional floor space to a room (great way to get more elbow room in a cramped space)
  • Outdoor Space. Extends your home into your outdoor space
  • Light. Increases natural light
  • Value. Adds resale value to the home
  • Ventilation. Excellent cross ventilation
  • Seating. If you add a window seat, you can have a cozy sitting place and increased storage (under the seat)
  • Single Installation. A bay window can be added without replacing all other windows

Bay windows add grace and elegance to any style of architecture. They present excellent curb appeal for any house on the market. Buyers can picture themselves sitting in front of the bay window with a cup of coffee, looking out into the dawning world. That’s a lovely appeal for a home buyer.

Cons of Bay Windows

Let’s look at some of the disadvantages you need to consider.

  • Expense. Bay windows are expensive. These windows are expansive and include several framed windows. If you are on a tight budget, a bay window may not be possible.
  • Installation. Bay windows are difficult to install. If a new bay window is replacing an old bay window, the job is more manageable. But, since a bay window extends beyond the outer wall, it needs to be supported correctly, the window can sag, and leaks can develop. Water damage to the exterior wall may result. Therefore, professionals should be called for a bay window installation.
  • Window Treatments. This expense should be part of your budget. Bay windows are challenging when it comes to window treatments. Treatments usually have to be custom-made. If you can’t DIY this project, it could be expensive.

Bay windows come with a hefty price. Only you can decide whether that investment is worth it for your home.

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