Your front door color says a lot about your personality. It also affects the overall aesthetic design of the house, so you’ll want to figure this out first before your next door and window installation projects.

Choosing the Right Paint Color for Your Front Door 1

Your door is the first thing that your guests will notice, which will probably give a lasting impression to everyone that visits your house. You want to be proud of your decision and for them to love it, so you have to pick the right color depending on dozens of different factors. But how can you choose the right one from thousands of options? 

In this post, Windows By Toll shares some tips that can help you do exactly just that.

1. Look at the Big Picture- When trying to pick a color for your front door, you should start by looking at the overall color of the house. The undertones of your home design are crucial to match the overall color scheming of each part. Does the undertone have a cool or warm color palette? After this, you can now try to figure out what color scheme would fit your house. 

2. The Colors of the Facade?- Your windows and doors company can offer front door color suggestions. But if you want to choose yourself, consider the surface or walls of your house. Are they covered with stone, brick, vinyl siding, or wood? Red could be a safe choice for most houses, but not on a brick façade. Alternatively, a blue front door is an excellent option for brick homes.

3. Don’t Forget to Look Up- Your roof is an important part of the equation. Is the color of your roof dark gray, red, or brown? Gray is a neutral color that suits many color palettes. 

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