Windows By Toll Stamford window companies The black window became trendy on the exterior of homes about a decade ago, but it has now moved to the interior of homes as well. Even though it has recently become prevalent, it is not a new concept and is reminiscent of old historic warehouses and factories with their wrought iron structures. The addition of these black window accents on new homes provides a bold, industrial look to natural wood and neutral colors. Read further to learn about the application of black window accents.

Stamford CT Window Companies: Black Window Frames

What are the Benefits of Black Window Frames?

Aside from being trendy, black windows are also quite versatile. They are a bold look that gives most design styles an attention-grabbing factor. In addition, they complement just about any aesthetic and draw focus to important parts of the home. Here are a few other benefits of black window accents.

Bold, Modernized Look – White window frames can look dingy and yellowed due to age or wear. However, black window frames will give your home a remodeled and fresh look that is timeless.

Neutral Color – They can be a pleasant contrast against white siding. If you choose to paint your home an eccentric color, black window accents will pair well with that too.

Don’t Paint White Window Frames

Homeowners may want to mimic the popular black window aesthetic by painting white window frames. However, this is not advisable because it can be more cost-prohibitive in the long run. Here are the primary reasons not to paint white vinyl frames:

  • The paint will chip or peel off if the window frames are not cleaned and primed correctly.
  • The wrong primer can weaken the vinyl, ruin it, and void any warranty.
  • Black paint can make windows retain heat, warping the frame and possibly cracking the glass.

Windows By Toll

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