Hot weather always makes people feel uncomfortable whether inside or outside the home. When indoors, however, you may think that by opening the windows you will let some breeze in and cool the room down. Sadly, that’s not always true.

Is It a Good Idea to Open the Windows When It’s Hot Outside?

There are some factors to consider before you open your windows. These factors are the same regardless of the kind of replacement windows you have at home, or where your windows are located. Windows by Toll explains more.

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Temperature

Everyone thinks that by opening the windows, cooler air can come in and replace the warm, stale air inside the home. That’s correct, but this will only be applicable when it’s cooler outside. Opening your windows to let hot air in will only make things worse for you.

Before deciding to leave your windows open, take some time to see if the air outside is hotter than the air inside your home. Use a thermometer to determine this. If it’s cooler outside, then it’s a good idea to let outside air in.

Proper Insulation

If your home is properly insulated, you shouldn’t even worry about opening the windows to let the hot air out. Insulation prevents hot outdoor air from entering your home and keeps cool indoor air from leaking to the outside, helping your home to stay comfortable.

Check if your windows, doors, ceiling and roof provide your home with proper insulation. Drafty windows, for one, help cool indoor air from escaping. Consider replacing windows that aren’t sealed and don’t have low-E glass, which also helps prevent solar heat and UV rays from entering your home.

Insulating your home properly doesn’t need to be difficult. Contact Windows By Toll, your reliable window experts, to provide you with top-quality insulated windows and doors you’ll need for a comfortable home.

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