Window safety checks is something that every homeowner should do every now and then. Not only will they be able to check the integrity of their windows but they’ll also be able to see if it’s still safe for their household members, especially children. With that in mind, whenever you conduct safety checks on your window installation, it’s best that you know the important questions you should ask yourself.

Questions Homeowners Should Ask During a Window Safety Check 1

In this post, Windows by Toll discusses the questions that every homeowner should ask whenever they’re conducting a safety check on their windows.

Do We Have an Emergency Escape Plan?

While conducting your window checks, ask yourself if your family has an emergency escape plan. If you do, be sure to practice it regularly. Always include two avenues of escape and since your children may have to rely on a window to escape any emergencies, make sure to properly teach them how to escape via a window to prevent any harm.

Should I Close My Windows Around Children?

Whenever there are children around the home, be sure to keep the easy to reach windows closed. If you need to open a window for ventilation, window contractors recommend opening the ones they won’t be able to reach. As an added precaution, be sure to enforce rules that will prevent them from playing near the windows to avoid injuries.

Is There Any Furniture Near The Windows?

As much as possible, avoid placing furniture near your windows. This is because children can use it as a foothold and climb toward them, which can place them in a hazardous situation.

Do We Have Strategic Landscaping?

When you’re fixing up your landscaping, be sure to place plant shrubs or wood chips and grass beneath the windows. That way, any potential falls can be cushioned and lessen the degree of injury that anyone may sustain from falling from the window, especially if they’re escaping for emergency purposes.

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