Windows By Toll Norwalk window installation company Anyone who’s ever had to replace the windows in their home knows that windows are incredibly pricey, even more so for windows of high quality. Since you’ve already gone through all the trouble of buying and installing the windows, you should follow some basic maintenance tips to keep them in peak condition. In this article, we’re going to explain a few maintenance tips for keeping your replacement windows in the best condition possible.

Norwalk Window Replacement Company: Maintenance Tips

Clean Regularly

The first tip is to clean your windows regularly. This schedule doesn’t imply weekly; it could be once a month or once every few months. However, it would be best to clean your windows regularly to keep dust, dirt, and other contaminants from damaging them.

You can clean the windows using glass cleaner with a microfiber cloth, rag, sponge, or paper towel. Regularly cleaning the glass of your window will increase the amount of light they let into your home while cleaning the window sills and tracks can help them open and close smoothly without sticking.

Keep an Eye on Your Window Seals

The seals on your windows are one of the most critical components, keeping out rain, snow, and even noise. They’re also responsible for insulating the home by keeping warm or cool air from escaping your house.

You should inspect your window seals regularly to make sure they are not damaged or breaking down anywhere. When window seals break down, they could start to leak when it rains, or you might notice noises from outside much more clearly.

Keep an Eye on Window Screens

Window screens are also essential to the function of your windows – keeping bugs, leaves, and other unwanted things from getting inside when your windows are open. Unfortunately, window screens are typically made of less durable materials to allow breathability, and they are sometimes damaged easily.

Things like sticks blowing in the wind, hail, or other debris might sometimes cause a tear in your screens. You should inspect them regularly to check for damage and repair them as needed.

Windows By Toll

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