Window mulling is a process in which two or more windows are joined together by their frames. Today, Windows By Toll, your local source of replacement windows and doors, takes a closer look at its advantages and the various considerations to be made.

Window Mulling

Advantages of Window Mulling

Mulling two windows together can either be pre-made in the factory or fabricated on-site during a home remodel or in a window replacement project. One of the many advantages of this is that it creates a large focal point that can help draw more attention to the home’s exterior or serve as the highlight of your interior. Joining two or more windows also creates a larger glass area enough to flood the interior with sunlight, thus improving a room’s vibe and making it more spacious.

Factors to Consider Before Mulling Windows

If you are planning on replacing windows in your home, you can either purchase mulled windows or have the pros combine individual units into one mulled window. Take note, however, that not all windows can be mulled—the pros will have to take the window glass and the size of the windows into account. Your home’s walls may not be able to support a mulled window if the combined replacement units are too big or heavy.

Mulling can maximize your view while maintaining your home’s structural integrity and improving your windows’ performance. However, the rating of mulled windows may be lower than the rating for each unit. Make sure to work with your chosen window contractor to check if the combined windows’ rating fits the local code requirements for your project.

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