Cleaning windows is one of the most fulfilling chores for homeowners. However, some windows, especially ones located in the upper areas are often overlooked.

Tips for Cleaning Your High Windows 1

In this post, Windows by Toll, a leading provider of replacement doors and windows shares tips for cleaning high windows.

Plan It

Schedule your window cleaning task on a day where the temperature isn’t predicted to go beyond 70 degrees. That’s the ideal condition to clean windows. You also need to make sure that there’s no probability of rain.

Streaking will occur when you wash windows on a sunny or hot day. The cleaner will evaporate fast on your glass if the sun is making the windows warm. Rubbing won’t remove these streaks since they are made by the cleaner.

Safe Access

Just like with replacing windows, safe access is necessary for cleaning them. You can either use a squeegee with a long handle or climb up a ladder when cleaning high windows. The two methods can be combined if required by your windows.

Don’t clean your windows by standing in the interior and hanging out of your exterior windows if you need to extend your arms more. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t put weight on the areas of the roof that are vulnerable to damage like the gutters. Use an extension ladder or step ladder if needed. For your safety, always keep the area of your body within the ladder’s boundaries.

Gentle Cleaners

Only use cleaning solutions and tools recommended by the window manufacturer. When using old clothing to wipe the windows, make sure they haven’t been treated with fabric softener as its residue can streak your windows. If permitted, you can use gentle cleaners like diluted vinegar and water and dishwashing liquid solution.

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