Replacing windows is one of the most important home improvement projects any homeowner has to do. If your home is old, it is particularly susceptible to problems caused by a lack of weather protection. Homebuilding is often limited by the technology of its time, so an old house is likely to have windows that don’t insulate much or at all.

Tips on Replacing Your Old Windows 1


Replacing your old windows is not something you can take lightly, however. It’s not cheap, after all. Not only do you have to consider the protection they can give against the weather, but you also have to take into account what they add to your home’s curb appeal.

With that in mind, here are some of the things you have to think about if you’re planning to install replacement windows.

You’re Free to Break Away from Tradition

In the old days, if you owned a particular type of house, you already knew the windows that would go with it. Few ever wavered. However, these days, there are so many window options that it’s hard to simply stick to tradition. There is no steadfast rule, either, about using only one type of window for the entire house. Look for windows that would look good on your home, no matter what type it is. If you see something you like, talk to your contractor about it. You’ll be happier with your new windows if they’re exactly the type you want.

Don’t Forget About Your Comfort

Windows are not simply about curb appeal; they should serve a specific function, and that is to keep you comfortable indoors. Good-looking windows should also be highly functioning ones. This means you have to consider where the windows are facing, what room they’re used in, and what functions they should serve. This also applies to window treatments like curtains, blinds, and others.

Window Height Is Important

Window height shouldn’t be the same throughout the house. The height of every window depends on where it’s facing and what room it’s in. It also varies depending on what you want to achieve in that space. You might have problems with a window that’s too tall and all you see outdoors are your neighbors’ walls. Don’t just think about how your home looks when you choose windows; think about how the outdoors look when you’re in your home and looking through your windows.

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