It’s a good idea to tackle window cleaning early in the spring so you can enjoy the outdoors during the summer months. This may seem like a boring, tedious job, but giving your windows a deep clean after months of exposure to the elements allows you to check the frames and see if the seals are still intact. If these are still holding up, you may not need replacement windows anytime soon.

Clean Windows

Today, Windows By Toll, your top local windows and doors company in the area, shares tips to properly clean your windows this spring.

Clean Windows on a Bright Day

The best time to clean your windows is either on a cloudy day or when the windows will not directly face the sun. Doing so under too much sun can cause the cleaning liquid to dry quicker, leaving water spots and streaks on your window glass.

Gather Your Cleaning Materials

Before you begin cleaning your windows, make sure you have everything at hand. To remove dust and other debris, get a soft-bristled brush. For scrubbing, use a sponge, brush, or squeegee. Chamois or microfiber cloth helps wipe and dry the windows effectively.

Make Your Cleaning Solution

If you are looking for alternatives to commercial cleaning products, consider making your own window cleaning solution. Many window contractors recommend any one of the following: two gallons of water with a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid or a mixture of equal parts water and white vinegar.

Brush First

Use your soft-bristled brush to sweep away debris from your windows. Be sure not to knock loose dirt to prevent your windows from getting dirty again. Do so around the frames, hinges, sills, and tracks. Once done, you can begin washing your windows with your chosen cleaning solution and supplies.

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