Wood windows are a great addition to any home, whether it has a traditional or contemporary style. They can survive numerous home design trends and still look great no matter what era. If properly maintained, wood windows can even last a lifetime.

Top Reasons to Choose Wood Windows 1

In this post, window installation expert Windows by Toll lists some of the top advantages of wood windows.


Wooden frames are often quite attractive, and they can look stunning on any home. You can further maximize their appeal depending on the variety of timber you choose. Maple, mahogany, oak, and other wood types look different from each other, so every one of them can offer something unique. Wooden window frames can also be stained, painted, or carved depending on your taste.


When compared to PVCu, wood is definitely more environmentally friendly. Wood is an organic material that can last for many years. Meanwhile, during PVCu production, poisonous chemicals are typically released into the environment. Moreover, PVC windows generate more waste than wood windows, with around 82% going into landfills and 15% into incinerators.

Timber Options

Window contractors will let you choose among different kinds of timber, which vary in aesthetic, cost, and performance. For instance, maple is usually considered as the cheapest wood for windows, while mahogany is the most expensive.

Indoor Comfort

Wood is a natural insulator that can keep the temperature in your home at comfortable levels. It can effectively help in retaining heat inside your home, and it can also keep your indoor warm and cozy during cold weather.

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