One of the simplest ways to spruce up the home is to give it a fresh coat of paint. And when the existing window color doesn’t quite match the new exterior palette, some homeowners will paint them over, as well. This may not be a bad idea with specific window materials, but if you have vinyl windows then it’s a no-go. The trusted replacement doors and windows company, Windows by Toll, explains why you shouldn’t paint your existing vinyl windows.

Vinyl Window Basics: Should You Paint Them? 1

It’s Not Worth It

Vinyl windows remain a homeowner favorite because of their many benefits. Not only are they cost-effective and reliable, but these windows also come in a selection of vibrant finishes that add significantly to your home’s overall look. In fact, one of their selling points is this durable, consistent finish, which lasts longer than a regular paint job. But this doesn’t stop homeowners from painting over them when they’re changing up their exterior. Here’s why it’s a bad idea:

1. Vinyl is recognizable by its slippery surface, which makes it difficult for paint to stick well on the surface.

2. You’ll need to sand down the vinyl first until the surface is rough enough that a coat of paint can adhere to it. Given vinyl’s sleek surface, this will take you a considerable amount of time.

3. The surface will need to be primed so the paint can bond properly to the material. Even after all these, it’s still highly possible for the paint to peel off quickly. Replacing windows might be a simpler and less stressful solution.

What You Should Do Instead

If you’re not satisfied with the look and color of your existing vinyl windows–whether because they look outdated or they don’t complement your home’s exterior palette anymore–you should consider replacing them. Windows by Toll can help you with this. We offer a high-quality selection of ProVia® vinyl windows, which ensure not only reliable performance but unmatched beauty, as well. They are available in lovely finishes in light and neutral colors, such as beige, white, tan, and gray. They will never look out of place–these windows will still complement your home’s exterior even if you decide to change its palette.

Look no further than Windows by Toll, the area’s trusted replacement windows company, for the highest quality solutions. Expect your vinyl window replacement to go on smoothly when you work with us. We proudly serve Ridgefield and Stamford, CT plus their nearby areas. Call us today at (203) 580-9945 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.