Windows By Toll window replacementReplacing windows is not an easy task. While it might seem like there isn’t much to consider when it comes to window replacements, the reality is the opposite. That is why the costs associated with window replacement run so high. Window variations and installation tasks contribute to the cost of window replacement.

Window Replacement Projects

You might think that you merely need to pick out a size and frame, and you’re good to go. But that is not all. Here, we compile everything that you must consider when it comes to the cost of replacement.

Type of Window

There are so many window options available to you. For instance, you can choose to go for insert or full-frame windows, depending on your need. The cost for each of these also varies. Full-frame windows tend to be more expensive than other options.

Window Frame

The window frame plays an important part when it comes to assessing the cost. You will find that there are plenty of options available in the market. There are vinyl, wooden, fiberglass, and aluminum. Each of these comes with varying costs. Wooden window frames tend to be extremely expensive. Any frame other than square will also add cost – so restrict oval, circular, triangular, or any other odd-shaped windows to a minimum.

Window Sizing

If you have a large window that needs replacement, then the cost will be higher than a smaller window. That is because more material and labor are required to complete the window. So, the size of your window plays an essential part in figuring out the cost of replacement.

Energy Efficiency

You might want to switch up to energy-efficient windows for your home. In case you’re searching for something like this, you should know that replacement/installation costs run higher for these. But the savings on energy bills will offset the higher price in the long run.

Don’t Forget the Labor Costs

Lastly, don’t forget that labor costs include window installation but removing the old ones. The window replacement isn’t the only expense. A window replacement project also encompasses the time and efforts of the people working. All of this becomes an integral part of the labor cost.

Windows By Toll

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