Windows By Toll Stamford window replacement When it comes to energy savings, it pays to take advantage of new technologies. For example, updated insulation can be a pricey bit of work, but it pays off in the long run. The same is true for other energy-saving measures, like replacing old windows.

Stamford Window Replacement: Energy Efficient Windows

Windows are a significant source of energy costs because they’re the easiest way for heat and air to escape the house. A house is not airtight, obviously, or the household residents would suffocate. So a bit of venting does occur, and that venting adds up over time. Data on the subject suggests that nearly a third of the average residential energy use is related to windows. House is too warm, and the air conditioner has to work more? Windows. Home get’s cold during a windy winter day, so the heat keeps running? Windows.

Windows in Older Homes

Older homes are especially prone to this problem. So it makes sense that, to save energy, replacing old windows with newer, more energy-efficient models is a good idea. Though the initial cost might be significant, it pays off over time. Besides, with new initiatives in energy efficiency, the upfront cost is not as high as people think.


Government rebates for energy-efficient purchases have been around for years and can be found at the local and federal levels. Window companies also offer great deals. Calling around to get the best offer is not unheard of when seeking contractors. Window replacement is best left to the professionals, of course.

Additional Benefits

While the energy efficiency and thus reduced costs over the year on the electric and heating bills are excellent, there are other benefits. For example, new windows are a draw to potential buyers for those looking to sell the home in the future. For those who plan to stay, a well-regulated temperature not only saves money but makes the home more comfortable as well.

Windows By Toll

For a comfier home with lower energy bills, upgrading to modern, energy-efficient windows is a choice worth considering. Make sure to research options to get the best deal possible. Just because the initial investment might be significant doesn’t mean there aren’t deals to be had. Contact a great Stamford window replacement company, Windows By Toll. Our staff of experts can help you select the best windows for your home and budget. For more information, call 203-580-9945.