Windows By Toll window replacement Window replacement is a worthy investment that can improve the look of a home and increase its value. Hence, when homeowners decide to replace their old or saggy windows, it’ll save them maintenance and repairs costs. And it could also mean lower cooling and heating bills.

How Much Does Window Replacement Cost?

Although there’s no fixed amount to it, a proper window installation ranges between a hundred dollars per window, up to more than a thousand dollars.

What Makes Up the Cost of Window Installation

The pricing of window replacement will depend on a variety of factors. Here are some elements that determine the cost.

Style and Size

The style and features of a window will influence its pricing. For instance, if you opt for bow or bay windows, they’ll cost more because of their unique style and larger size.

Labor and Number

Having an experienced contractor like Windows by Toll could reduce the labor time needed for window replacement. However, if you’re installing more than one window in your home, then you’ll have to factor in the labor cost of each window. A single window will cost less to purchase and replace than several windows – that’s an obvious fact!

Materials and Brands

Not all windows are the same. There are various brands, designs, and materials that could make you prefer one over another. Window frames can be wood, fiberglass, vinyl, aluminum, wood-clad (wood covered in aluminum or fiberglass), or composite (a combination of wood, metal, & vinyl). The prices will differ accordingly. As a homeowner, you can opt for budget-friendly, mid-range, or premium windows.

Different materials lend themselves towards different styles of architecture. Choose a type and material that enhances your home but keeps your budget in mind. These factors will determine how much you’ll be spending on your window replacement.

Get a Quote on Window Replacement

Knowing what windows to buy, what brands to look for, how to identify a quality product, and how to have your windows installed correctly can be a lot to manage. Hence, your best bet is to call a professional for your window replacement and remodeling.

Windows By Toll

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