Windows By Toll Stamford window replacement Windows are one of those parts of a home that, despite their importance, can be overlooked until it’s too late. They provide light and ventilation as long as they work. However, when they don’t work, the repair or replacement costs can rise quickly if the damage is severe. Therefore, it’s essential to know what to consider before deciding to make the replacement.

Repair or Replace?

First, it can be helpful to tell if a replacement is even needed. Sometimes repairs will do the job just fine. While both can be expensive, replacement is generally costlier. Speaking with a Stamford window replacement contractor will help determine if the windows can be repaired instead of replaced.

Alternative Styles

When it comes time to replace the windows, consider alternative styles. Sticking to the same old style is not always required. This can be great news for those less than thrilled with the current type of window or who have older window installments that might break again because of their design. For example, switching from awning style to casement might be doable. But, again, consulting a contractor is highly recommended.

Energy Ratings

While a new style might be exciting, don’t forget to consider energy ratings. Windows can be a significant source of leakage when heating and cooling. However, windows with multiple paneling and materials that are less likely to retract and expand with extreme weather can save money on future window repairs and energy bills.


That is why it’s good to research different contractors before deciding. Window contractors vary in experience and can specialize in specific types of installations. Looking up local installers and reading their reviews can help save money and headaches.

Scheduling Installation

When it comes time to replace or repair the windows, some people might think they need to wait for warm weather to do the job. Warm weather has its advantages, but it isn’t required. Of course, a window broken from malicious intent or bad weather in the middle of winter can’t remain broken until spring. Window installers are professionals prepared for all weather conditions.

Window replacement is an investment in a home. Like most work on the house’s infrastructure, it can be expensive. However, having the correct information and knowing a good reliable contractor to call when the time comes can save money and time and make the home look great.

Windows By Toll

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