Windows By Toll window replacementHave you already established the fact that you need a window replacement? Once you’ve determined that you have enough resources to carry through the whole process, you also must take some steps to prepare for the window installation. The lack of proper pre-installation preparation would cause some lags in the entire installation process. It might cost you a loss of time and extra money.

Window Replacement Prep Work

At Windows by Tolls, we understand the importance of a smooth and orderly process. Hence, we have prepared four useful tips to use when preparing for a window installation.

Who Should Do the Installation?

Firstly you must ensure that you have the best workers on the job. But who would be your best bet for this kind of job? A professional window installer should be your top pick when it comes to window installation. With their vast experience, they know all the ins and outs of window installation, thus avoiding common, costly mistakes.

Now that you have the best hands-on deck, there are about four things you must do to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Interior Preparations

The area around the window should be a comfortable place for the installer to work. Here is a list of things to do:

  • Move any furniture that is within a few feet from the window. Be sure the workers can easily access and carry the old window and its replacement in and out of the area.
  • Remove all blinds and curtains, including hardware close to the window frame.
  • Remove any valuables that could be bumped, pushed, pierced, or defaced by tools or paint. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.
  • Remove all potted plants for the area. Plants are easily tipped over, creating a mess – get them out of the way.
  • Protect your floors. Whether the floors are carpeted, hardwood, or tile, they can be damaged by dropped tools, workmen’s shoes, or various other things in a work area. Cover them with a drop cloth, plastic sheeting, or a tarp.

Exterior Preparations

Clear the area outside the window. Window installation requires workers to be inside and outside the house. Take a walk around the house exterior and make sure there is room to work. Trim hedges, move planters, etc., to create space for the workers.


Make your home accessible. If you won’t be present when work commences in your home, ensure that the workers can get inside. The arrangements you make will depend on how comfortable you feel about having people in your home when you’re not there. Be sure to let the window installer know the arrangements, so there is no confusion.

Security System

The window sensors on your windows as part of your security system have to be removed before the old window is removed. If the sensors can be reused, set them aside to be installed on the new window. If not, order new ones ahead of the installation, so they are available to be installed when the new windows are in place.

Windows By Toll

Giving time to planning and preparing your home for window replacement saves time for everyone. The professional window installers at Windows By Toll will ensure the whole installation process runs smoothly. Give us a call today – 203-580-9945.