While most windows have a universal feature, such as letting in light and providing ventilation, not all are made the same. There are many different types to choose from and your immediate thought when it’s time to get replacement windows might be, which one is the best?

What’s the Best Type of Window? 1

The short answer: there is no best window as each one is unique and different from the next. There are windows that are best for certain purposes, though. Windows by Toll explains more:

The Best Windows for Maximum Ventilation

Two windows are widely considered the best when it comes to maximum ventilation: casement and double-hung windows. Casement windows swing open, pivoting from side hinges and have very large glass panes. This window type opens the widest and has the unique ability to catch side breezes easily.

Double-hung windows are another good choice. This window isn’t as wide as its casement window counterpart, but it’s more versatile thanks to its sashes. Opening the bottom sash lets in cool air while the top sash lets in warmer air. Alternatively, you can open both for maximum ventilation.

Windows for Daylighting

As a general rule for daylighting, replacement doors and windows must have large glass areas to admit more light in. There are several options to choose from, but the two that stand out are picture and sliding windows.

Picture windows are inoperable, but they have a large and uninterrupted glass area that lets in more daylight than other windows. This window is best installed in areas where air flow is not that important or rooms where you want more external views.

Sliding windows are the operable version of picture windows. Apart from uninterrupted daylighting, these windows are also good at ventilation comparable to casement windows.

Decorative Windows

The bay and bow windows are the best if what you’re looking for are attractive windows. These extend from the wall of the house and also provide extra seating or storage space inside. They extend the room’s floor space, as well.

At Windows by Toll, we make replacing windows easy. We’ll help you pick the best window type that fits your home’s needs. Contact us today learn more about our services.