Windows by Toll window replacement in New Canaan CT If you’re looking into window replacement in New Canaan CT, you must keep in mind how this can increase the value of your home. The average return on investment (ROI) for a whole house window replacement is about 75-80%. That’s better than 40-50% ROI made by kitchen and bathroom renovations, meaning window replacement is one of the most valuable renovations to complete.

Window Replacement in New Canaan, CT: Increasing Home Value

Curb Appeal. Sagging and cracked window frames make a home look sad and older. New windows give the entire house a facelift. By changing the shapes and styles of the windows, the house can have a more dramatic change. It will be a joy pulling in your driveway every day after work. Even as you go on about your daily house routine inside the house, the glimpse of the new windows will put a smile on your face.

Energy Efficiency. Homebuyers are searching for energy-efficient homes to keep their energy bills under control. For example, old, drafty windows result in high electric and gas bills. New windows are better insulated and sealed tighter, keeping the home at a comfortable temperature. Add a programmable thermostat, and the savings can be hundreds of dollars a year.

Easy Maintenance. New windows need minimal maintenance, but the process is made easier with double-hung windows. Being able to tilt the windows into the house makes cleaning them a whiz. No stress or strain or hanging halfway out a window.

Smooth Operation. Older windows often stick due to the house settling or the frame being warped. Windows that open easily are a great selling point. Who doesn’t love to throw open windows to air out their home on occasion? Also, properly functioning widows are safer if little ones are in the house—no need to worry about a sash unexpectedly coming down on a small head or tiny fingers.

Windows By Toll

Are you looking to do some renovations that will increase the value of your home? Windows By Toll can help. Our experts are ready to assist with your window replacement in New Canaan, CT. We’ll help you select the right windows for your home to not only make it more beautiful but also more valuable. Contact us today at 203-580-9945.


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